4 tips for the summer in Linz

How to spend the hot days in the city

In the summertime Linz brings it all!

Relax on the beach, eat an ice cream, and refresh yourself in the cool water of the river flowing through the city. This might sound like a summer in Italy but far off! Life in Linz also blossoms during summertime.

Built close to the water, for your pleasure

When a city is located directly by one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, this brings many advantages. One of them is the possibility of swimming right in the middle of the city and catching a cool breeze in a summer night. For example a 700 m long beach near the Nibelungen bridge invites you to sunbathe, swim, and relax all summer long.

If you don’t feel like splashing around and still want to be close to the cool water, you can also spend your time as a light-sea sailor and set sail: on a leisurely harbour cruise or a Danube excursion with a paddle-wheel steamer. Ship Ahoy!

Alternatively, you can put your feet in the sand, and a cocktail in your hand. The “Sandburg” – the most charming beach bar in Linz – makes it virtually impossible to not enjoy summer in Linz.

Cone or Cup?

For many, it is the most important question of any summer; every year. And of course: With which flavor should you fill your preferred ice cream container?

One thing is sure: There is a lot to discover in Linz for lovers of cold sweets – for example the “Eis-Greissler”. Since 2017, people with a sweet tooth have been getting spoiled here with all kinds of delicious ice cream creations. In addition to vegan ice cream, there is also something very special available here: the famous “Linzer Torte” as an ice cream.

If you’d rather taste the original cake specialty, we suggest you visit one of the branches of the “Jindrak” confectionery. By the way: During summer ice cream is also available here; but not in as fancy tastes as in the “Eisdielerei” for example, where you can probably get the best gelato in town in a chic and thoughtfully designed setting.

Art, culture and technology

In recent years, the former industrial city Linz has developed into a hot spot of the Austrian art and culture scene. The Lentos museum is not only an architectural milestone from the outside, but also houses the largest museum space in Austria. Another feast for the eyes in terms of design is the Ars Electronica Center. Since 1979, this unique Center has been linking the fields of art, technology, and society in a very special way.

A side note: The Ars Electronica Festival at the beginning of fall attracts thousands of people interested in technology and art to Linz every year. For many of them, Linz is worth a visit every year; year after year. We figure: They must be doing something right.

A foray through the city

Linz knows how to unite opposites like hardly any other city. Here you can stroll along graffiti painted walls, through playful old town alleys, and past modern architectural masterpieces during a short walk.

Between Working-Class-Chic-neighborhoods and “New-Design-City”-areas, many wonderful places in this city are just waiting to be discovered. The main square, which forms the heart of the city, the old town hall, with its arcaded sidewalk, the Kirchmayr house, with its pretty neo-baroque façade, and the baroque Trinity column, made from white marble from Salzburg land, are located in the very center of the city. Those who prefer the countryside around Linz also will find more than enough opportunities to do so.

Our tip: Take the “Pöstlingerbahn”, which departs from the main square of Linz, and see what you can see from the “Pöstlingerberg”. It is the ideal place to admire Linz from above.

Of course Linz has a lot more to offer and it is best to experience this blossoming city firsthand.

In any case, no matter what you plan on doing in Linz or the vicinity, our etagerie apartments are the ideal starting point for any adventure or activity, and a place where you can relax and regenerate.

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